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Last updated 15 November 2019

Welcome to the WEAll business and leadership clusters, open to all that care about changing business and leadership to support a wellbeing economy. The business cluster has been formed by WEAll members with a demonstrable commitment to transforming both the nature of business and its supporting ecosystem. The leadership cluster by those committed to fundamentally changing the way leadership is viewed, taught and exercised across business and further afield.

The ideas generated by the members of the clusters are generated by their deep knowledge of the business and leadership sectors and by the question: What can we do together that we cannot do alone?

These are all work-in-progress, so if you want to contribute please do get in touch via


‘Alternatives to Business as Usual’ guide

WEAll has collaborated with experts and pioneering businesses to create a guide that exposes and enlightens businesses to different models and tools for business. It also provides them with guidance on how to select an approach right for them.

Find out more, explore extracts and download the guide here.

Leadership Toolbox

The goal of the project is to identify 5 to 10 emergent leadership initiatives spanning business, management education, public leadership, civil society and beyond; and to invite those into a meta-inquiry on globally responsible leadership. From the meta-inquiry spanning diverse cohorts and initiatives WEAll will then capture, distill and share key leadership development learning and approaches and ultimately support the scaling of emergent and promising methodologies and programmes in a leadership toolbox.


Pressure Points

Identifying and acting on the business system’s pressure points to allow business to play a full role in bringing about a wellbeing economy.

The goal of the project is to identify, develop strategies and rally stakeholders to change the key points of the business system that will support businesses to play a full part in moving forward and engaging in an economy that maximises human and planetary wellbeing in a highly uncertain world.

Business Cluster core team

Sarah Deas

Sarah is passionate about creating a progressive economy – one that delivers for people and planet. She previously led Co-operative Development Scotland, championing employee ownership and co-operatives.  As a director at Scottish Enterprise she led the organisation’s support for social enterprise. Her professional background is in strategy, marketing and business development. She is currently on the board of WEAll Scotland and sits on the WEAll Global Council.

Tomás De Lara

Co-founder and Co-lead of Ciudades+B / Cities CAN B (Multi-stakeholder initiative to foster civic and business engagement on SDG’s), co-founder and co-chair of Colaboramerica (International festival on new economies), Member of the board of Sistema B Brasil (B Corps Movement), Member of the advisory board of CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development – WBCSD).

Frank Dixon

Frank heads up Global System Change. He provides sustainability and system change consulting to companies, governments and other organizations in North America and Europe. He was a keynote speaker at many corporate and financial sector conferences. He also has presented at Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other leading universities. As the Managing Director of Research, Frank Dixon developed most of the rating models and methodologies for the largest ESG research company (Innovest). Frank Dixon is an Associate Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. He has an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Adam Garfunkel

An experienced consultant and writer, Adam has spent over a quarter of a century helping organisations plan and deliver effective strategies and communications to further social and environmental goals.

Currently Managing Director of the UK arm of Junxion, Adam specialises in helping companies find an authentic and compelling expression of the links between their business strategy and wider social impact. Adam’s international experience includes clients and projects in North America, the Far East, Europe and UK.

Hunter Lovins

Hunter is the President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS), a non-profit in Longmont, Colorado. A renowned author and champion of sustainable development for over 35 years, Hunter has consulted on business, economic development, sustainable agriculture, energy, water, security, and climate policies for scores of governments, communities, and companies worldwide. Within the United States, she has consulted for heads of state, departments of defense, energy agencies and hundreds of state and local agencies.

Mattias Meyer

Director and co-founder of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) in the UK, Matt was previously a federation council board member for the International Federation of the Economy for the Common Good. Prior to joining ECG, Matt was ICT Manager at the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and a researcher in new economic sociology.

Martin Oetting

Martin is helping WEAll develop the kind of stories that get more and more people excited about the idea of a wellbeing economy. He discovered WEAll through his work on a documentary feature film about the Wellbeing Economy Governments project (currently scheduled for release in early 2020).

Martin lives and works in Berlin, Germany, and on Twitter he’s @oetting.

Michael Pirson

Prof. Michael Pirson is a scholar of humanistic management, and co-founder of the Humanistic Management Network, a global organization bringing academics from various disciplines together with practitioners, policy makers and media representatives to accelerate the transition towards a life-conducive economic system.

Michael established the social entrepreneurship track chair for the Oikos-Ashoka Global Case Writing Competition in Social Entrepreneurship and serves on the board of five social enterprises. He has won numerous awards for his work, including from the Academy of Management. He is a Full member of the Club of Rome.

Erinch Sahan

Erinch is the Chief Executive of WFTO. Before coming to WFTO, Erinch spent seven years at Oxfam, where he founded Oxfam’s Future of Business Initiative and led several initiatives including Oxfam’s Behind the Brand scorecard. Previously, he worked for the Australian government as a development adviser in trade negotiations. Erinch’s career started with several years at law firms and later at Procter & Gamble. He holds both law and business degrees and has worked across Asia and Africa. Erinch is a speaker and lecturer on sustainable business, and has taught at various universities across the UK.

James Vaccaro

Currently a special advisor to Triodos Bank, James is a specialist in environmental and social finance and was the Head of Investment Banking at Triodos Bank. While at Triodos he was an advisor on a number of ethical share issues including Cafedirect in 2004. He established the UK’s first ethical business angels service, Triodos Match; he has worked in the Triodos International Fund Management department on investments in microfinance institutions in Indonesia and South Africa; and he oversees the Triodos Renewables Energy Fund which invests in a range of renewable energy projects.



SenseTribe is currently supporting WEAll with the development of an ‘Alternative to business-as-usual’ guide. They help us design & implement the participation and consultation process, editorial development, storytelling and with the design of the guide.

SenseTribe Consulting is a self-organised, multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals dedicated to projects that support the sustainable development goals and collective wellbeing. Effective collaboration, wellbeing, authenticity & creativity are part of their daily practice. That’s why working with their women-led team also means learning about collaborative practices. They’re @sensetribe and you can find out more at

Michael Weatherhead

Michael is the member of the WEAll Amp Team leading the business cluster. Michael was previously international director of the consulting arm of NEF. He holds post-grad qualifications in economics and organisational development and loves blending rigorous analysis with innovative approaches to opening up  learning spaces and finding solutions.

Andrew Winston

Andrew advises some of the world’s leading companies on how companies can navigate and profit from the world’s biggest environmental and social challenges. He is a globally recognized speaker and writer on business strategy and mega trends. Andrew is the author of The Big Pivot and co-wrote the international bestseller Green to Gold.

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