The Business of Wellbeing

A Guide to the Alternatives to Business as Usual

Business at a crossroads

Often in life we enthusiastically strive to achieve one goal and only notice further down the road that what we originally had in mind no longer serves us. This is either because external factors have changed, or because we realise that we no longer find meaning in what we do. Am I really serving my purpose? What actually is it?

We may have built a successful business and got to a crossroads where we feel the need to reinvent ourselves. Do I need to choose between people, the planet and profit? And what is the benefit of integrating wellbeing in business in the first place? 

Gilles Concordel, Tutator Foundation

“Business does not have a soul,”
says Gilles Concordel, former President and Chair of Redback Networks and Founder of Tutator Foundation
“The sole purpose of business is simply to keep six key stakeholders happy: customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, the government and local communities.



It is often an intrinsic motivation or a personal experience that drives someone to rethink business as usual.

Adam Garfunkel, Junxion Strategy

“The other day I saw my 12-year old daughter standing on a statue at a climate march. I am proud of her activism.
And I’m also proud we have decided to stop working with clients that emit excessive amounts of CO2 and to tell them why we have made this choice.”
Adam Garfunkel, Co-owner at Junxion Strategy


So, what exactly is a wellbeing economy and how can we put it into practice? What are the options and what is the path that makes sense in each particular business context?

There are many existing alternatives to ‘business as usual’ and organisations often don’t know what their options are and which one may suit them most. 

The Business of Wellbeing: Extracts from the guide

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What exactly is a wellbeing economy and how can we put it into practice? What are the options and what

The guide is co-created by WEAll, Mira Bangel, Marina Roa, Raffaella Toticchi & Angela Souza (SenseTribe) and many other partners (listed in the acknowledgements). We plan to regularly update it. Your feedback, thoughts and ideas are welcomed. If you offer a solution that you would like to be included in the next version of the guide please contact us.

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