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These four ladies are currently coordinating the hubs and are responsible for the daily tasks of WEAll Youth, such as communication, social media or mobilization. They are focusing on the future of WEAll Youth and how to grow the community of young changemakers even more.


Helene comes from Germany but moved to the Netherlands for her Bachelors in Global Project and Change Management. She is the mobilization lead and responsible for the hub development and establishing actions with other parties. In her free time, she enjoys inline skating and is involved in the local startup community.

I believe that young people play a powerful role in bringing change to systems, institutions etc. as they are the managers, leaders and professionals of tomorrow. I want to make more young people realize and act upon this power.


Esther Snijder

Esther is a Dutch student, studies Global Project & Change Management in Zwolle. In her free time, she likes to travel and make music. She is very excited to be working with WEAll Youth.

It makes me enthusiastic to see youth all over the world coming together to make a change for their future. For a real change to be made people need to be connected.


Mara Tippmann

Mara, originally from Germany studies Global Project and Change Management in Zwolle, the Netherlands. In her free time, Mara enjoys playing the Saxophone, going to the gym and travelling the world.

A stable economic system is the base for a prosperous society, but with our current systems, we seem to hinder any work done for a more equal, clean and healthy planet. I see the work on new economies as an essential part for our generation to take matters in our own hands and make a difference! If we young people work together as the WEAll Youth movement we gain the exposure and means to take action and start to make a change.


Pien Gerards

Pien is from the Netherlands and studies Global Project and Change management. Next, to the WEAll project, she is involved in the Sustainability Committee and the degree programme committee at her University. In her free time, she likes to read and go to the gym.

There are some crucial topics if you think about changing the world. Sustainability and education are the ones I am most passionate about. Often we forget about the youth, but young people are our future. By involving young people and creating more awareness, I hope we can create a positive change in this world.



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