WEAll Youth: How to get involved

Are you interested in changing the current economic system?
Are you tired of just talking about the change we need?
Do you want to start acting?

Join the WEAll Youth movement!

But… how do you get involved?

If you just answered ‘yes’ to all three questions above and if all you heard so far sounds interesting to you, then the next question you might have is “How do I actually get involved?” First of all, you should just send us an email or a message on Instagram, so that we know you are interested. In that way, we can give you more information and clarify other questions you might have, and of course, it’s also a chance to get to know each other!

Generally, it needs to be said that there are two different ways on how to be involved. Either you are a group of people or you are a single person. If you are a group, it’s the perfect chance to set up a Hub and establish your own projects depending on your area of interested. We recommend you to read out Hub Guide which lines out how to actually go about creating a Hub (see below). For people that do not know anyone else in their area who is interested in joining, we try to support that person with contacts from our network to establish smaller projects by themselves.

Don’t worry, you’ll not be alone with your project! With our monthly calls, you stay updated on what everyone is working on right now. It’s also a great chance to ask for help, ideas feedback or input from the other members. You might even be inspired by some other projects. It is great meeting people from all over the world and seeing that WEAll are working towards the same goal.


Creating your own regional WEAll Youth Hub sounds interesting for you?

Then, you should check out our Hub Guide which provides you with a roadmap on how to go about creating your own Hub.


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Do you want to join the WEAll Youth movement and get involved in what we’re doing?
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